Bacula windows 64 client download. Bacula Enterprise Windows Client Configuration (Video)

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Bacula windows 64 client download

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It is important to remember that the client version can not be larger than the Director and Storage Daemons, although the opposite may happen. Here are two options. It is not necessary to install a database Catalog nor the Bacula Director package. Proceed only with the client package installation.

For example:. There are already packages built on the Bacula. They contain the Client, Storage Daemon and the bconsole and BAT consoles for Windows, but for this procedure we are only installing the Client, since it is more usual for backup of production servers. Copy this password to a notepad, then do the binding on the Director.

You can also get this information when accessing bconsole or using the version command. You will need this information later when attaching this client to the Director.

If so, add an incoming TCP exception so that the Director can connect to that client. Or run the following command on the Windows terminal:. Change the name of the client Name to the same name as bacula-fd. If it returns the client name, version, and job list, it means that your setup was a success and the Director can connect to your client.

Go back to edit the bacula-dir. This new Job must specify the same client name that was used in the client resource. Take this opportunity to assign a different FileSet that does not yet exist, but that we will be creating the respective resource with the same name below.

Remember: to change the Include and Exclude with the folders you need to back up the new client, and that for Windows directories you must use regular forward slashes and never backslashes, and that paths with spaces in the name should be escaped with quotation marks. It will print the files that Bacula would back up if you started a Job, plus the sum of the size and quantity of the files that would be copied. Do not forget to follow the work execution by reading your messages message command of bconsole , using the status director, client or storage commands each one gives a different detail of the running Job ; or by using the list jobs, which provides a coded summary of the jobs being executed and completed see the last few attachments in this book for the meaning of the codes.

We will see below some possibilities of installing only Clients. Linux Clients Installation Bacula. By Repositories Register the Bacula. For example:! Download and install, as in the example: rpm -ivh bacula-client Windows Client Installation There are already packages built on the Bacula. Accept the license agreement. Figure 1. Figure 2. Figure 3. Figure 4. Bacula Client Configuration I. Restart the client service: a Linux: service bacula-fd restart b Windows: Access the Services Manager services.

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Bacula windows 64 client download. Backup Client Configuration

Bacula is a set of computer programs that permit managing backup, recovery, Download Latest Version ( MB) Get Updates. Win64 10 Exe is a bit windows installer file for a Windows client for a Windows machine. This client only runs on bit devices using the Windows OS.


[Bacula windows 64 client download

WebBacula already supports: Linux, Solaris, FreeBSD, NetBSD, Windows, Mac OS X, OpenBSD, and more. Bacula is composed by several components, each one doing a . Web17 rows · Jun 28,  · Areca-Backup is a file backup software that supports incremental, image and delta backup on local drives or FTP servers. Areca-Backup also allows you . WebBacula Windows Download. Bacula Windows download is the latest Bacula software feature that allows download operations to be carried out. It has specific importance .

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