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It is the fifth instalment in the Call of Duty series. It was released on 11 November It has been set in the World War 2. It features more mature theme this time as from the past games from this franchise. In this game the player plays along with his team-mates which provide help during missions by covering firing and clearing rooms for you.

This game also features the old weapons. Which we have seen in the past games of call of duty just like m1 Garand Rifle, panzerschreck anti tank-rocket launcher and much more. This game also includes much similar Multiplying gaming system like its other games. And it also contains Cooperative Game play in which up to two players can take part in a game via split screens. The game starts with the execution of a US marine and a fellow Marine private C miller watches and gets tortured all the way.

But then he is rescued by a squad of Marines. After two years Private C. Miller has been given role in the battle of Peleliu.

He along with Sergeant Roebuck and fellow squad are now on a mission to destroy as much as they can. Once armed, the Reznow sets out to kill a German general. During the assault Dmitry manages to kill Amsel. Dmitry and Reznow to flee and jumpthe Volga River. The next mission takes place in during the Battle of Seelow Hills near Berlin. Dmitry is previously captured by German soldiers in an abandoned house.

Is rescued, the soldiers of the Red Army attack the house. Reznow and its subordinate Chernov enter the house and Dmitry trigger. Soviet forces attack the German defenses and gain a military camp of the enemy. The game then returns to the scenery of the Pacific.

At Peleliu Americans continue to advance deep into the island. Miller and his crew unit eliminate enemy mortars , paving the way for tanks. Then, after passing through underground tunnels to attack Americans they say the Japanese, thus allowing attack American ships.

Peleliu island is taken over by the Americans. The next mission campaign returns to Eastern Europe, where Dmitry and Reznow lead tanks T , storming the German lines of defense. Soviet forces then board the train leading to Berlin. After arriving at the outskirts of Berlin German soldiers attack, starting the battle for Berlin.

Then they are breaking through the streets, killing every enemy soldier standing in their way and not taking prisoners. At the end of Soviet soldiers arrive to enter the subway in Berlin , where the men of the soldiers trying to surrender.

Reznow not accept the surrender and give Dmitri choice: shoot the Germans or their arson Molotov cocktail. Soviet soldiers then enter the subway and roll around fighting the Germans platforms — until the wave flooded the tunnel. Dmitry, who can not avoid the oncoming wave, is almost sunk. The game once again moving into the Pacific during the Battle of Okinawa , where the player takes control of NCO Locke located on the flying boat PBY Catalina , taking part in the attack on the three cargo ships.

On the way back to the base it is attacked the American fleet, which is the beginning of operations The-Go. Locke arrives then PBY, which alone is able to provide assistance to survivors.

During the rescue of American sailors by the crew of the boat, Locke shoots cutters PT and aircraft kamikaze. At the moment when the boat is almost destroyed, the air support coming Americans. In another mission team Miller begins assault on the land Wan Pass on Okinawa. Soldiers purify bunkers with machine guns from the Japanese, allowing attack American tanks. With nearly winning the battle Americans storm the castle of Shuri.

After cleaning the entrance to reach the center of the castle. There encounter surrendering Japanese soldiers. However, when Roebuck and Polonsky searching them discover grenades deprotected under his clothes. Therefore, the player must make a choice: whether to save Roebuck or Polonsky. Then they come the other team supporting US forces and attack the remaining Japanese soldiers in the middle of the castle.

After that, as Miller calls air attacks on enemy buildings, the Americans occupy Shuri castle. The last mission begins, the game pulls Dmitry Reznow the subway, to make the rearrangement of the Soviet infantry. The Red Army then rub in the direction of the Reichstag. Dmitry destroys four runs of 88 mm to allow Soviet tanks attack.

Then takes off German soldiers defending the entrance to the Reichstag. During the assault Chernov is badly burned by a German flamethrower operator and is unable to continue fighting. Reznow Dmitry et al Soviet soldiers purify Reichstag its defenders reach the roof of the building.

Dmitry, before he could change the flag Nazi, He is shot by a German soldier, whose Reznow quickly kills a machete.



Call of duty 5 world at war pc free

This game helps them to live a life in that background by being a soldier. We have provided direct link full setup of the game. Most Popular Games.


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