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Alice in Wonderland aka AIW , a really nice adventure game sold in for Commodore 64, is available and ready to be played again! Also available on Apple II, time to play an interactive fiction and puzzle elements video game title.

Screenshots from MobyGames. This game seems to be damaged. It comes out so weird that you can\’t recognize the character. All I could see was text and sound. Tiny 0 point. You need to run it using an emulator software. Applewin for the apple, and Winvice for commodore. Just google for them. JJ -1 point Commodore 64 version. I was so thrilled to find this, the first computer game I ever played!

Unfortunately, after downloading the Commodore 64 version, it won\’t run in DOSbox. It looks like there is no. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Chela 2 points Commodore 64 version. Hello, we are very happy to have found this game I played and loved as a child!

I played it on the Commodore We now are trying to download and play it on our MAC. The message when we click on the download says there is no application to open the game. What types of applications have worked for other mac users? Thanks so much! Share your gamer memories, help others to run the game or comment anything you\’d like.

If you have trouble to run Alice in Wonderland Commodore 64 , read the abandonware guide first! We may have multiple downloads for few games when different versions are available. Also, we try to upload manuals and extra documentations when possible. If the manual is missing and you own the original manual, please contact us! MyAbandonware More than old games to download for free! Browse By Download KB. Description of Alice in Wonderland Alice in Wonderland aka AIW , a really nice adventure game sold in for Commodore 64, is available and ready to be played again!

Write a comment Share your gamer memories, help others to run the game or comment anything you\’d like. Any Commodore 64 Apple II. Send comment.

Download Alice in Wonderland We may have multiple downloads for few games when different versions are available. Just one click to download at full speed! Commodore 64 Version. Alice In Videoland C64 Follow Us! Top downloads. List of top downloads. Latest releases. List of new games here Follow us on Facebook or Twitter. Screenshots needed. Read our screenshot tutorial. Interactive Fiction , Puzzle elements.


Alice in wonderland game free download full version for pc. Alice in Wonderland Download PC

Download Disney Alice in Wonderland Game For PC is an adventure game. This game is developed by Disney Interactive Studios. Disney Alice in. Download Disney Alice In Wonderland PC Game Download Disney Alice in Wonderland. Size to download: GB. Version: Full Last Release. replace.met.


Disney alice in wonderland Download (Last Version) Free PC Game Torrent


Armed along with her trusty Vorpal Blade, new magical skills, and a few kick-ass gothic attire, Alice is a pressure to reckon with. That horrific occasion will not be a easy accident brought on by the home cat.

But is she able to face the reality? Can her already fragile thoughts survive one other journey down the rabbit gap? Her questions can solely be answered in the event you obtain Alice: Madness Returns. Click the obtain button beneath to start out Alice: Madness Returns Free Download with direct hyperlink. It is the total model of the sport. Please enter your name here You have entered an incorrect email address! You see for most people Alice In Wonderland conjures up the Disney animated classic where there\’s a very strong distinction between good and evil.

It\’s a great film, but it was designed for kids, and the Lewis Carroll original took a very different bent. It\’s been well documented that Carroll favoured the company of little girls sweet ones that looked just like Alice, in fact , and Wonderland was obviously a public manifestation of this. Throughout the book, Alice is subjected to nightmare after nightmare, from the sort of characters you\’d hope not to meet after ingesting hallucinogens.

Get a copy and check it out for yourself, it makes the perfect setting for a genuinely disturbing and scary PC game. And that is exactly what American McGee is aiming to do if you want proof of the dark side of the game then just take a look at these rather disturbing screenshots. Alice was shown behind closed doors at E3 and after witnessing the 15 minute demo we were all utterly convinced that this was going to be one of the best games to come out this year. As long as it meets its release date that is.

Yes, it\’s built around the Quake 3 engine, but the game is played from a third-person perspective. And, as well as blasting the living bejesus out of living playing cards and the like, there\’s going to be a big adventure element present. Moving into one area, built around a gigantic chess board, the game switches into atmospheric black and white. Scattered around are various chess pieces, and in order to progress you\’re going to need to know the basics of the best strategy game in the world.

We\’re not saying any more. The game kicks off after the two books, by which time Alice has been driven completely insane. As she receives the call to return to Wonderland she\’s rocking her head back and forth inside a padded cell of a lunatic asylum.

Which is exactly where you\’d be if you\’d been through the trials she\’s had to endure. Naturally she\’s not too keen, but as a particularly twisted white rabbit points out: she hasn\’t got much choice. What more do you need? Great graphics, twisted characters and a general underbelly of darkness that would make you run for your life if it wasn\’t just a game. The rich heritage of the books provides a huge pool of ready-built and recognisable characters although if you\’ve only seen the Disney version you might wonder what sort of drugs McGee has been on , and already the code is looking superb.

We can\’t wait. The story is so dark and twisted that I just loved it from the moment that it started. Now she is older and due to losing her parents in a fire. Alice is in a mental institution. She is called back into action by her friend, The White Rabbit. Only Wonderland is not as she remembers it. It is dark, twisted and downright scary.

I swear, the Cheshire Cat is the stuff of nightmares! I really cannot praise the setting of the game highly enough. For a game that came out in , it holds up pretty well.

It was given a slap of HD paint for a re-release and that in all honesty is the way to experience this game.

The music is dark and twisted and the voice acting is fantastic. For an older game, it really is quite impressive how good the voice acting is here. For me, the music, sound effects, and the voice acting is a huge reason as to why this twisted version of Wonderland works so well. I feel that it kind of plays like the early Tomb Raider games did… for better and for worse. One thing that does work well is the camera. For a rather early game, it does not get in the way too much. What can get in the way is the rather clunky controls.

There is no two ways about it this is a game you have to work really hard at to love. Some of the jumping and fighting that you do can be downright frustrating at times. However, I do feel it is worth sticking with as the overall experience is well worth it. The locations that you go to in the game are great, but this was released at a time before exploration was common. As a result, you never really travel off the beaten path which is a bit of a shame as I would love to have explored this twisted world at my own pace.

I will say that as an experience this is a game you have to play. The controls do take a while to get used to, but I would bet that the story will hook you as will the creepy presentation that you will want to stick with it.

I know my score is a little high, but that is because I think this is one of the most creative takes on a fairy tale in history! Wonderland is a place of childish dreams and fanciful memories for Alice.

But after failing to save her parents from a fiery death, Alice finds herself in a sanitarium, her already fragile psyche fractured.

Lost in her own world, Alice delves back into Wonderland and discovers that due to her ruined state, Wonderland has become a twisted, sick, and dangerous world. Once there, Alice finds that the Evil Queen is back in power, that some of her former friends are now her enemies and ultimately the only way for her to straighten things out is to find the Queen and basically butcher her.

Along the way, the Cheshire Cat assists her with abstract clues, Turtle leads her through the water maze and the Mad Hatter tries to kill her.

This is not the Fairy Tale that Walt Disney made into a cartoon so many years ago. Match wits and weapons with the denizens of Wonderland, finding strange and cruel devices. Alice is an adventure game viewed in the 3rd person. Alice runs around solving strange puzzles and mini quests; along the way she meets up with some very familiar faces.

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, the Mad Hatter, March Hare, and others have all been given the once over as Wonderland twists and contorts from its former version. Selecting the level of difficulty, I picked \”Nightmare\” allows for your tempo of play. The harder the level, the more enemies and problems you will encounter.

As you begin the game, Alice starts off with the butcher knife, which she wields with deadly accuracy. Slicing and throwing it, she eventually acquires the croquet mallet, the playing cards, the dice, and other strange weapons. Each weapon has a primary and secondary function that you can bind to the controls. I found it easiest to set up the game similar to my first person shooter controls, using the mouse wheel to scroll through the weapons. The weapons are original and refreshingly wicked.

I would have been disappointed to see the same old guns and explosives that are in every other game and fortunately this was not the case. There is something deliciously inviting watching a woman wipe the blood off of 14 inch butcher knife. As Alice continues her journey, expect to navigate strange areas never found in the original Alice in Wonderland , such as the school, ant tunnels after being shrunk again , and strange gnome caves.

While jumping and running is a must, there are other levels that require swimming and coal cars. As I played, I was giddy with anticipation as to what would happen next in this strange game. Any time I felt a little lost as for what to do, I called the Cheshire Cat, who would promptly appear and give a vague clue as to what should happen next. Personally, I would have liked to see the cat fight along with Alice occasionally, as he has always seemed a bit sinister and now with his mangy punk rock look, I thought he could really tear someone up.

Alas, he never did. Mini cut-scenes popped up often and would direct Alice as to what needed to be done next. The turn as an insect sized human was to be expected, but this reviewer was in awe of the impressive attention to detail and battles one would expect if shrunken down to the size of an ant.

With dive bombing bees and angry fire ants, Alice has her hands full — add in the crumbling ground and the trek down river which was probably a trickle and it makes the need to save often even more critical. Luckily, killing most opponents results in a life icon that will give Alice a much needed boost. My personal fave was when Alice first fell into the water without getting out in time — a large mouthed fish came up and swallowed her whole. What a grisly fate. As far as actions are concerned, Alice runs around and does the typical jump and attack thing, but must have learned a trick or two from Lara Croft because she can jump up to ledges and hang or shimmy along a ledge lip.

Now, since avoiding the enemies is often far wiser then attacking, using this trick will prove most valuable. Another plus of this game is the enemy A.

Often the guards or other bad guys would gang up on me by backing me into a corner or each other, a move that would result in my death many times. I was impressed. Most of the time I was running, as the bad guys were best picked off at a safe distance.

Old friends, the white rabbit and Cheshire cat, are pleading for her help — can she rescue her familiar yet altered fantasy world from the evil Red Queen\’s clutches and perhaps save herself along with it? Intriguing plot, wouldn\’t you say? As you begin the game, Alice finds herself once again chasing after the white rabbit — he\’s no longer the adorable bunny people will remember from the Disney cartoon.

His face crinkled menacingly, ears bent back behind his head and an overbite that looks like fangs is just an example of how things in Wonderland have been skewed. It\’s Alice\’s job to traverse the 15 massive environments, jump some platforms, pull a few levers, and fight the hazards of the land and Red Queen\’s minions once again.

Alice has little in the way of special controls — just an alternate fire option for certain weapons and a key to call on the Cheshire cat\’s enigmatic, and usually quite useless advice when you need it. Most noteworthy is the very well designed aiming system, which can often be a pain in the unmentionable bits for most 3rd-person games. Whenever you carry a ranged weapon, a targeting reticule is always visible to show you where you\’re aiming; more importantly, when you manage to get it over an enemy, it circles around them to denote Alice has locked in on the target, so the issue of preciseness and never knowing exactly what you\’re aiming at is not a problem.

Another smart feature involves when you look towards the ground — footprints will appear to help you anticipate where Alice is likely to land if you jump forward from your current position.

This is immensely helpful for tricky platform hopping, which was also a common frustration with the 3rd-person viewpoint. Fundamentally, gameplay remains pretty conventional for the genre. As Alice enters a new area, you\’ll usually get a helpful camera pan of the nearby environment — it\’ll often show you the exit you need to reach, which isn\’t much of a spoiler, because it\’s getting there that\’s the real challenge.

With a few exceptions, puzzles remain simplistic enough; agility ie. But wait – Alice is far from being easily dismissible. It\’s obvious that in the early developmental stages, instead of the traditional focus being on gameplay with a half-baked story tacked on at the end, the Alice universe is so finely and professionally crafted, it doesn\’t just mask what is essentially generic gameplay The story, characters and overall attention to detail in the many wondrous environments is the driving force behind what is otherwise a tried-and-tested gameplay formula, and that\’s why Alice is a significantly more exciting title to play over other offerings in the genre.

So, what makes it special? Firstly, Alice utilizes the Quake3 engine in probably the most stunningly impressive way to date. Technically, everything about the graphics is first-rate: beautiful crisp textures, highly detailed characters, great animation etc. But it\’s the creative side of things that makes you literally gawk at the screen. There are not many action games where you\’ll find yourself wishing some sections weren\’t so fast paced, because you really just want to stop and take a look around.

The endlessly unique and inventive level designs are constantly a sight to behold, and what better theme is there for levels like these than a warped Wonderland? From the floating \”fortress of doors\” to the colorless chess land, to the looking glass hall of mirrors, the environments almost make the levels in MDK2 seem common and dull!

Combine these fantastical locations with an absorbing plot and characters, and Alice keeps you pressing on just to see what happens next. I rarely pay attention to in-game music but in Alice\’s case, the ambient soundtrack possesses a fantastic chilling quality that perfectly complements the dark and sinister atmosphere of the game.

While there are no real scare moments, the chorus of young voices and creepy instrumentals in the score all originally composed by former Nine Inch Nails member, Chris Vrenna keeps tension levels high. Sound effects, on the other hand, do not have as much presence and the voice acting could have been much better – it\’s not that the characters sound wooden per se, but you can tell each of the actors recorded their lines separately and the dialogue doesn\’t flow smoothly.

There are quite a number of enemies vying for Alice\’s blood, mostly from the Red Queen\’s army of card guards that chase you throughout; they get tougher and wield more powerful weapons as the game goes on. You also spend a good portion of the game shrunk down in size to only a few inches tall much of the game parallels the original Alice in Wonderland story , and so come up against many enemies of the insect variety, such as huge bayonet-carrying ants and mutated ladybugs.

You also have to be careful of the hazards in the environment itself — flowers will pop up and spit spikes at you, and mushrooms come alive trying to suck you into their fang-filled orifice.

As in any action-adventure, you can expect to find your share of boss creatures to deal with too. Many of the bosses are also twisted incarnations of the characters from the original story that the rather snobby Alice didn\’t get along with, including the Mad Hatter and Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum.

The Hatter\’s lair is actually one of the most depraved environments, as he\’s turned his home into a factory that manufactures automatons from living creatures. And what of the Hatter\’s companions, the hare and sleepy dormouse? You can find out their horrible fate if you delve far enough in. On the weapons side, things remain just as imaginative and bizarre. Alice starts with a rather standard, but icky, blood-stained kitchen knife or \”vorpal blade\” ; but from then on, she finds much more interesting contraptions to fight with.

These include the playing cards, which you can rapidly hurl; the mallet that serves as a club and a way of lobbing fiery Croquet balls at the bad guys; the Jackbomb that\’s a Jack-in-the-box which can explode like a timed bomb or rotate while breathing a stream of fire; and don\’t forget the toy \”Jacks\”, which home in on targeted creatures and pummel them to death.

But what makes American McGee\’s Alice stand out is that it\’s the sort of game that you don\’t play for the usual satisfaction and ego-boost of completing the last level; you play because, like any expertly-crafted tale, you want to know what happens next and see more of the fascinating, seemingly alive world of Wonderland in its new, depraved form. If id were having any problems selling their Q3 engine license, this would be the game to showcase that anything in your imagination can be magnificently crafted onto the screen.

The new variation on the Alice theme is obviously intriguing enough to attract attention from the mainstream crowd outside of gaming, as it was recently announced that Nightmare on Elm Street creator, Wes Craven, has signed up to direct a movie based on this game.

Alice is suffering and she needs help out of her dementia — and even if you can\’t save her, you still get to venture forth through an obscenely twisted Wonderland. It\’s really a no-lose situation. Screenshots from MobyGames. VorpalNose 0 point. Where exactly do we place the higher quality audio to? Do we place the \”sound\” folder on the root of the games folder? Phatoume: You don\’t need the Madly Enhanced mod or any other mods for it to work properly on Windows 10, just the Windows 10 fix file in the mega.

Phatoume 0 point. This copy of the game has low quality audio for some reason. StealingYourComponents 1 point. Grew up with this game, holds a special place in my heart as it was my very first \’violent\’ videogame. Hell, my father had the original copy when it came in those silly art boxes, I even have the journal that came with the game box detailing Alice\’s treatment at Rutledge insane asylum.

I highly recommend this game to anyone who likes grim twists on childhood fairytales. The Simstress 1 point. Thank you so much. Thank you! JAcko 1 point. Hatter 4 points. StixsmasterHD: I\’d still consider it abandonware because you can\’t just buy it, you have to buy the sequel. Plus the version here is the original release version while the sequel is bundled with an HD remaster which some people might not want since remasters usually have things not working properly or change things in a way that not everyone likes.

StixsmasterHD points. I can understand the -1 point on the Raspberry Pi 4 comment but let me explain I\’m using Twister OS with a program called box86 that let\’s me run x86 wine which let\’s me run this game and a ton of others.

Swiftarm 0 point. It almost runs perfectly for me All other audio works just fine. Cedar 1 point. They remove the DRM and make it boot up. Hatter 0 point. Keeps saying full hard drive and to delete saved games, but there almost 4tbs free on my hard drive Try running the game as an administrator, or moving the game folder somewhere outside of the Program Files folder.

Secretlyinsane 0 point. Not allowing me to save? Chesh 0 point. I had problems running this game above x but I found a fix. If anyone ekse has graphics problems with Alice on a modern system here\’s how to fix it.


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